Supporting Portsmouth Creates - Victorious Festival
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Supporting Portsmouth Creates

Our passion for supporting local creativity goes well beyond music and that’s why we’ve been supporting Portsmouth Creates with numerous arts and culture projects across the city.

We Create Market was a brilliant concept developed by Portsmouth Creates to help support local creatives, doers and makers during the covid pandemic. Getting an abandoned building ready for a market was a tall order, so we joined forces, volunteered our time, money and expertise to help build what has become a hugely successful market that still exists now, and pops up in other disused spaces across the city which we are still involved with on a volunteer basis today.

“The Victorious Team members gave up so much of their free time to help decorate and set up the market – as well as financial support – and we’re so proud of what we all achieved! ”
Terri Ralls, Trustee, Portsmouth Creates

We were so excited to hear about We Shine Portsmouth that we couldn’t wait to get involved. A truly unique event for the city, and something positive and free to attend in the winter months sounded like something we felt Portsmouth could really benefit from, so again we volunteered money, time and expertise to help Portsmouth Creates organise and run the event. We’ve been part of We Shine 2021, 2022 and we’re looking forward to do it again for We Shine 2023!

“Once again, we’re lucky to be supported by the team behind Victorious Festival to help make this new Winter staple event go from strength to strength. We really could not have achieved the We Shine event without their support!”
Billie Roe, Event Organiser, We Shine – Portsmouth Creates

We really believe in what Portsmouth Creates are trying to achieve, and we now have a dedicated area at the festival called the Portsmouth Creates Hub. Not only do we hope this helps raise awareness of Portsmouth Creates to other local’s who might want to get involved, but it also provides a fantastic opportunity for Portsmouth Creates to continue support the creatives they work with whether that be showcasing artwork or subsidising craft stalls for local makers under the We Create Market banner.

“This is such a fantastic opportunity for Portsmouth Creates, we can’t thank the Victorious team enough for accommodating us at the festival and helping us provide a further platform for all the amazing people we work with. They really have gone above and beyond to help us do some brilliant things for Portsmouth”
Lou Wilders, Joint Chief Executive Officer – Portsmouth Creates