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Keeping our festival family safe

Posted on 20th August 2018

Victorious Festival has always been and always will be a family friendly festival. We pride ourselves on keeping our festival family safe while they have fun on our beautiful site and on maintaining our record as one of the lowest crime festivals in the country.

We work hard throughout the year to make Victorious fun for everyone but we are never complacent or naïve about what can happen. While we really hope that people come and have a great time without the need for illegal drugs, this year we will be introducing some new measures to help us stop them entering the site, including amnesty bins and drug detection dogs at all entrances. Hampshire Constabulary will also help us to be aware of any substances found to be in circulation in the area.

The policing, medical, security and CCTV have all been increased and our lovely welfare team will be performing routine patrols looking out for anyone who may need their help. Our medical and welfare teams are not there to judge and anyone who feels ill at all should go to them to be looked after.

To help everybody stay well hydrated, we have multiple free drinking fountains around the site and free water will be available at all main bars.

Above all we want everyone to have the time of their lives at our festival and keep safe while they do so!

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