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On-site car parking

Posted on 21st March 2023

Victorious Festival will no longer have an onsite car park due to updates to our site and improvements towards our Green Travel Strategy.

The reason for this positive change is that travelling to and from the festival site makes up a huge percentage of event emissions, so we’re making improvements to support our Greener Travel Strategy and hopefully have a positive impact on traffic too!

Portsmouth is now a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) and it’s important for us to work together to tackle air pollution and climate change in the city. (You can find out more about Clean Air Zone’s – HERE.)

The stunning seaside location of Victorious Festival means that we are well served by a public transport network and have plenty of brilliant greener travel options including Big Green Coaches, Local Buses and Trains, Park & Ride, Cycling and more.

IF YOU MUST DRIVE, please use the Lakeside Car Park and Shuttle Service.
Tickets for this service are available – HERE. We strongly encourage you pre-book your tickets.

Please note that all resident parking areas around the festival are controlled by parking zones.

Blue Badge parking will still be available onsite. It is free to those with a current blue badge. To use these bays please bring a valid blue badge to display in your vehicle at the event.

Please note these are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For more information on this and our other accessible services, click – HERE