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Staying Safe

Festival campsites are peaceful and safe places, but some crime can unfortunately occur. The most common crime is theft from tents. Security staff and stewards patrol the site for crime prevention purposes.

You can help yourself by following the advice below. Don’t let criminals spoil your enjoyment by committing a crime against you or your friends.

Whether you’re a festival first-timer or a loyal festival veteran, Festival Safe is another great resource designed by festival organisers and industry professionals to help you stay safe at large events. Click here to find out more.


  • Only bring what you can afford to lose.
  • Set up camp near friends, and make friends with your neighbours. Look out for each other’s property.
  • Mark your property: clearly label your gear (including your tent) with your postcode. Obvious indelible markings will significantly reduce the risk of things being stolen and will increase the chance of their return if found. Tag your keys with a phone number and a friend’s address.
  • Register your property before you go on a national and free database called
  • Experience at other festivals has informed us that most thefts from tents happen at night whilst people are inside them. The best advice we can give (lockers are not available) is that you put handbags/wallets/phones INSIDE your sleeping bag with you as you sleep. If a handbag is near your head, or a wallet is left inside a jean pocket, it is easy for it to be grabbed whilst you sleep.
  • If you think you might forget where you have pitched your tent, take a photo of the area and any unusual features nearby on your mobile so you can see what looks familiar.

Personal Safety

  • Keep with friends or people you trust: unfortunately, at any large gathering, a small number of people attend so they can prey on others. You present a far less vulnerable target as a group than you would on your own. Do not go off with people you don’t know – speak to a steward or head to the welfare tent if you split up from friends.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged for the day.
  • Don’t challenge people looking through tents – report them to festival staff or the police. Campsite stewards are there for reporting suspicious behaviour, and offenders WILL be expelled from site.
  • We know you want to have a drink or two, but do consider that drinking to excess can leave you vulnerable, so as friends DO look out for each other. Arrange a meeting point with your friends if you get split up from each other, so you know where to head to.
  • Report to stewards anyone you think is acting aggressively.
  • Drugs. Quite simply – don’t bring them. Legal Highs DO NOT mean they are safe.
  • We look forward to seeing you and making sure you have a safe but brilliant festival!