Green Policy - Victorious Festival
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Green Policy


Climate Change continues to be the biggest threat to our planet. Victorious is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and lowering our carbon footprint.
We encourage you to walk, cycle or use public transport to get to the festival.

For those outside the city, Portsmouth is easily accessible from across the country by train. It has regular trains running around the region and considerably further afield. From here you have a multitude of options; Walking, Cycling, Taxis as well as Buses and Ferries that bring you within a short distance of the festival site. All info can be found on the Getting Here section of our Website. We know that some of you will need to drive to Victorious but if you can share a lift with another festival-goer or better yet, get a car full of you, we can reduce our carbon.

Waste Strategy

Please use our bins and don’t drop litter on the floor, Victorious is situated in a public park and we aim to protect the event site. Victorious is zero waste to landfill with a dedicated team of litter pickers who work throughout the festival and afterwards to leave the park as we found it.

Drastic on plastic

We’re getting drastic on plastic and have signed the AIF Drastic on Plastic are working hard to try and eliminate all nonessential single-use plastic at Victorious.

  • All plastic straws are banned across all bars and traders.
  • All food traders’ packaging and cutlery will be predominantly compostable, including paper and cardboard cups, wooden cutlery and stirrers, and paper straws.
  • All cups used for your beverages in 2021 will be recyclable and biodegradable/compostable (Veg-Ware).
  • All glitter traders use biodegradable glitter.


We encourage you to bring your own refillable bottle to Victorious as drinking water points are provided throughout the festival site, meaning there is no need to bring lots of plastic bottled water with you. Please note glass isn’t permitted.

Cup Return

Due to COVID-19 our “Cup Return Points” will not be in operation. We didn’t feel it was sensible to encourage people to collect each other’s cups, especially with so many children previously enjoying taking up this task!So instead please work with us to keep Victorious clean and tidy by popping your own cup in the bins and don’t drop litter on the floor. All cups used for your beverages will now be paper / veg-ware not plastic and Victorious is zero waste to landfill.

Power and Fuel

Victorious carbon offsets all fuel used by planting the equivalent amount of trees every single year. We’re proud to say our fuel efficiency rating is B, which is better than the industry average by 73.3%!