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We want Victorious festival to be accessible to everyone! We hope you find the following accessibility information helpful.

Victorious Festival takes place on Southsea Seafront. Large areas of the site are flat, most of the terrain is grass. We also have concrete paths running across the site. We ask that you prepare for all conditions you may encounter when deciding what you will need to bring to the festival.

We operate a free personal assistant (PA) ticket scheme for standard ticket-holders who would be unable to attend the event without assistance. Please note that you will be asked to send proof of eligibility – DLA/ PIP or Access Card +1.

Our application form for Victorious 2024 is HERE

Please purchase a standard ticket for the disabled customer. Please do not purchase the PA ticket you are applying for.


Our raised viewing platforms are located at the Common Stage and Castle Stage. They are designed for wheelchair users and people who cannot be in crowds for medical reasons. There will also be an area in front of the platform which is for people who struggle in crowds due to medical reasons.

Please note, the viewing platforms are subject to capacity. When on the platform, stewards may also ask PAs and companions to move to the back of the platform, to allow access for as many people as possible to be able to use the facility.

Our application form for 2024 is HERE


viewing platform

The Waiver Note application service is for festival go-ers who cannot attend the festival without bringing a seat or food to meet medical needs. Both food and seating are not usually permitted on site.

Please note, there is seating situated around the site and our catering team does try and ensure there is a wide variety of options available to meet most dietary requirements.

If you require a dietary or seating waiver note to attend please fill out this form HERE


All of our entrances have accessible entry points for those who are unable to queue for medical reasons.

Please head to the accessible signage and make stewards aware that you have difficulty standing or queuing for long periods of time.

We also have a dedicated access entrance on site where you can find the accessibility team if you require assistance. Location TBC.


access entrances

Guide/Assistance dogs are permitted, but no other animals are allowed on site. We ask that, if your assistance dog has a harness or jacket identifying their role, they please wear it while at the festival.

Camping chairs, similar seating and inflatables will not be permitted on site. There will be plenty of seating areas at the event. If it is a medical necessity for you to bring a seat please see the section above about applying for a waiver note.

If you need to bring medication onsite with you, please keep it in its original packaging. We recommend you also bring a copy of your doctor’s letter or prescription to ensure security can easily identify the medication and allow you entry with it. There will also be a fridge available in the medical and welfare area if you require cold storage for your medication.

All toilet blocks across the festival site include an accessible toilet. There are additional accessible toilets at the medical and welfare tents. These toilets are open throughout the festival for use by any customers who require them, without the need for any passes/wristbands, etc.

There will also be a toilet on site which is equipped for customers who need a hoist.  Please note – you will be required to bring your own sling. An additional unit with these facilities will be in place at the offsite campsite, Farlington Fields.



To use the free blue badge parking please bring a current, valid blue badge to display. There will be yellow highway signs and stewards to direct you on arrival at the festival. Please note spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Sat Nav Address – Duisburg Way, Southsea, Portsmouth, Southsea PO5 3NW but please then follow directional signage on approach.

If you use What 3 Words – the location is  w3w///bucked.index.faster

The Car Park is open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the event, from 9am-1am.
All vehicles must be removed by 08:00 am on Monday 28th August.

IMPORTANT Please note – that there will be no vehicle movement between 22:30 and 23:59. We anticipate that there will be queues afterwards. Please ensure you leave before this time if you are unable to queue, particularly if you need to consider time-sensitive routines such as medication schedules. Leaving after 22:30 will require that you wait until the curfew has been lifted. This is in place to allow the safe exit of customers from the site.

We have two Quiet areas.

1.) Next to Avenue De Caen Welfare
2.) Waterfront Garden Centre – a quiet sensory space


waterfront garden centre quiet space on avenue de caen - open Saturday and Sunday at the festival

We have portable hearing loops on-site. If you require the use of one, please ask entrance gate managers who will assist you and locate the nearest loop.

Performance Interpreting Ltd will be providing registered qualified BSL interpreters & interpreting performances from the accessibility platform throughout the weekend.

To let us know you are coming and would like to use the BSL Access service please email

The Farlington Fields Offsite Campsite has a spacious accessible camping area with its own accessible toilets located close to the welfare and medical tent. A shuttle bus service is available that runs back and forth between the campsite and the festival site throughout each day. Tickets for the shuttle bus can be purchased via the ‘buy tickets’ section of the website, under the ‘weekend camping’ heading, then listed under ‘extras’ .

To secure camping in the Accessible Zone simply purchase your Weekend Camping – Accessible Zone ticket from the ticket pagePlease note this ticket includes your festival entry for all three days and access to the offsite campsite.

Campsite parking is free to those who can display valid blue badges.

Campers who would be unable to attend the festival without the support of a Personal Assistant (PA) may apply for a free PA camping ticket. Link to the application form HERE. Please be aware that you will be asked to upload proof of eligibility and to provide the booking reference number for your own standard camping ticket.

For further campsite information please visit the Offsite Camping page.

More information coming soon.

If any of your queries are not answered above, please email

Please come and see our Accessibility Team at the Accessibility and Information Entrance of the Festival Site. They will be more than happy to help you with any queries. Our Accessibility team receives very high volumes of queries in the lead-up to the event, If you have questions pre-event that haven’t been answered, please don’t worry. The onsite team will be able to help you when you arrive.



We want Victorious to be a festival that is accessible for every festival go-er so we are proud to work with Attitude Is Everything, a disability-led charity that improves deaf and disabled people’s access to live music and to have been awarded Gold on their charter of best practice for our commitment to being accessible.

Paul Hawkins from Attitude Is Everything said, “It has been an absolute pleasure to support Victorious to achieve Gold on our Charter of Best Practice. We’ve been really impressed with how the festival has engaged as a whole staff team, including undertaking Disability Equality Training and being responsive to customer feedback. Their dedicated access team has worked hard to make the festival as accessible as possible and we look forward to supporting them to progress further up the Charter in the future.”

Victorious looks forward to continuing its commitment to the charter and improving accessibility in 2024.

To find out more about Attitude Is Everything visit their website here.