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Victorious Festival is held on The Common and Castle Field in the beautiful seaside location of Southsea, Portsmouth.

See our Getting Here page for information on traveling to the event.

When is Victorious?

August Bank Holiday Weekend 2024

  • Friday 23rd August 2024
  • Saturday 24th August 2024
  • Sunday 25th August 2024

Opening Times

  • 10am-11pm each day
  • No entry or re-entry after 8pm.

Please note if you leave and re-enter, you will need to queue up and be searched again.

We don’t restrict bag size but we recommend packing lightly and bringing a bag as small as possible. All bags will be searched on entry. The larger the bag, the longer the search.

Lost property is located at the welfare tent by the Kids Arena. Please take any lost property you find to them or visit them if you’ve lost something.

Please check with individual seafront attractions for participation, opening & closing times of these attractions.

Our Merch Stand is located in the Common Arena!

You’ll find official Victorious Festival merch, plus band merch and be able to pick up any pre-ordered water bottles and lanyards.
The majority of our merch is first-come first serve so get there early to avoid disappointment.



There will be no cash points on site. The closest ones will be on Palmerston Road just outside the site.

Food and Drink Rules

Food and drink is prohibited except for baby food and an empty water vessel.

You may use the empty water vessel or a factory-sealed water bottle to fill up at the free drinking water points located across the site. Please note, glass is not permitted.

There will be a huge variety of food and drink outlets available at the event. If you have any dietary/medical requirements please visit our access pages here and scroll down to ‘Apply for Waiver Notes’ for more information.


There will be a range of drinks at the bars including beer, cider, pale ale, spirits & soft drinks

Many of the food vendors also offer a range of soft drink options.

Free tap water is available at all bars alongside numerous drinking water points which are located across the festival site.

Victorious prides itself in being a family-friendly festival and our huge free kids arena also includes a fantastic baby change area.

Buggies are absolutely welcome on-site as are pull-along kids carts.

Guide/Assistance dogs are permitted, but no other animals are allowed on site. We ask that, if your assistance dog has a harness or jacket identifying their role, they please wear it while at the festival.

For information on our Premium Upgrade Bolt on tickets click here.

Camping chairs, similar seating and inflatables will not be permitted on site. There will be plenty of seating areas at the event. If it is a medical necessity for you to bring a seat please see the section above about applying for a waiver note.

Standard ticket pricing terms and conditions apply to everyone. The earlier you buy, the cheaper the ticket price.

To help everybody stay well hydrated, we have multiple free drinking points around the Victorious Festival site and free water will be available at all main bars.

You can bring an empty water vessel/flask in with you to fill up at the event.

Please note glass is not permitted.

We allow amateur cameras to be brought onto the site to take photos for personal use. Professional filming equipment or large camera accessories such as large lenses and tripods are not permitted.

Any photography or footage captured at the event cannot be used for commercial purposes.

If you wish to attend the festival as a professional photographer or filmmaker please apply for press accreditation HERE

Each ticket holder attending the event acknowledges that he/she is likely to be filmed, recorded and/or photographed and the resulting content publicly disseminated across a range of media (including social media) for promotional purposes. Please read our terms and conditions, number 34 for more information.

For further information regarding media and recording please see our terms and conditions, number 34 to fully inform yourself of our rules.

Apply to Play applications are now open!

  • Open to all.
  • Applications close on Friday 29th March.
  • If you’ve been selected to perform at this year’s event you will be notified by 15th April 2024.
  • We get a lot of amazing submissions and unfortunately can’t get back to everyone.

Road To Victorious
Our Portsmouth PO postcode exclusive competition for the ultimate band experience is closed for this year. Follow us on social media to follow the journey.

Yes, vapes and vape refills/liquids are allowed. Please ensure the vape liquid has its original packaging.

As well as looking at the information below, we recommend visiting

Festival Safe is a cross-industry initiative designed by festival organisers and industry professions. It’s a great resource where you can access useful information in an easy to follow, fun and engaging way before you head to a festival.

Crime Prevention and Personal Safety

Festivals are peaceful and safe events, but due to the large numbers of people in one place, some crime can unfortunately occur. The most common crime is theft, and this can be from about your person or from tents if you are camping with us. Security staff and stewards patrol the site and CCTV cameras are employed – both on and off site – for crime prevention purposes.

You can help yourself by following the advice below. Don’t let criminals spoil your enjoyment by committing crime against you or your friends.


Lock and empty your vehicles. Leave the glove compartment open and conspicuously empty.

Only bring what you can afford to lose.

Mark your property: clearly label your gear with your postcode. Obvious indelible markings will significantly reduce the risk of things being stolen and will increase the chance of their return if found. Tag your keys with a phone number and a friend’s address.

Register your property before you go on a national and free database called

Pickpockets do work some festivals, so be alert when walking around, wear rucksacks in front of you, and women should have crossover handbags with the flap against your body.

Personal Safety

Keep with friends or people you trust: unfortunately at any large gathering a small number of people attend so they can prey on others. You present a far less vulnerable target as a group than you would on your own. Do not go off with people you don’t know – speak to a steward, police officer or head to the welfare tent if you split up from friends.

Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged for the day.

Avoid dark areas and take advantage of the extra lighting along main thoroughfares and in the car parks.

We know you want to have a drink or two, but do consider that drinking to excess can leave you vulnerable, so as friends DO look out for each other. Arrange a meeting point with your friends if you get split up from each other, so you know where to head to.

Report to stewards anyone you think is acting aggressively.

Drugs. Quite simply – don’t bring them. Legal Highs DO NOT mean they are safe.

We look forward to seeing you and making sure you have a safe but brilliant festival!

We are proud to be signed up to The Association of Independent Festivals Safer Spaces at Festivals campaign and we work hard to make Victorious a safe and inclusive space for all. We’re committed to delivering a safe environment and taking a survivor-led approach underpinned by policies, procedures, and training at our festivals.
We have a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual assault, harassment, racism, discrimination and any other anti-social behaviour.?We take all reports incredibly seriously and will always respond from a place of belief. The following is what we classify as unacceptable behaviour and will result in you being ejected from the festival: 

  • Any unwanted physical contact 
  • Groping 
  • Grabbing 
  • Catcalling 
  • Leering 
  • Stalking 
  • Rape 
  • Upskirting 
  • Verbal or physical intimidation 

If you experience any of the above, or see it happening, please report it to the nearest staff member, steward or security guard. We have specialist support services situated at our medical and welfare tents as well as roaming welfare teams who are there to help you at any time.? 

 We will have support services available onsite in the Medical and Welfare points, and we have specially-trained staff onsite to help support victims.

What to do if you see sexual violence / Bystander Intervention

It can be hard to know what to do if you see someone being sexually harassed or assaulted, but as we all know, when we work together we can achieve more. To find out more about how to intervene safely when you see an act of sexual violence and the 5Ds of bystander intervention?click – HERE 

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